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04/25/2019 | last update: 07/16/2018 |

The Coton de Tuléar - native country Madagascar

Less is known about his descent and still today we can find this pedigree dog in his origins at Madagascar. Beside his charming look we´ll find some behaviour pattern of the Coton, not all the little breeds present. It is a fact that the Coton is an alarm system walking on four paws and not many Coton owners are able, to set one footstep unnoticed on their plot of land - but he is not a "yapper". He does bark when he is all alone or if there are people coming, he does not know - then he is barking until he is allowed to have a first contact with these persons. Then he does continue in his typical, all the time friendly kind and does only react to the new people, if we ask him to do so. He is sweet natured and well-balanced. Outstanding is his robust nature, he is not an "in-dog" and hopefully he´ll never become this. Our Cotons start struggling if we try to carry them around with us - on call they show us their power, you do not think they have ... At any time a Coton will show his power - from zero to onehundred - by playing as well as walking, if you stop this game, the Coton will slow down in the same way he´ll get going. Cotons impress by their cheerfulness and arch kind. What you have to face is their devotion. Cotons are all the time looking for to contact their people, they try to be with you all day and night and if you´re willing to rest for a little while, be sure, your Coton will lie in your lap, showing an absolute obvious calmness. Who does not like this devotion, some call it: "catlike", this ones should look for another dog. On the other hand this is the reason for what we call a fantastic quality -> a Coton de Tuléar does not run away from you during a walk, he will leave you by keeping a short distance to his human pack, having an eye on you.

A bit large-scale but not time consuming is the coat-care. It is not necessary to bath a Coton periodically. Never and to no time cut his coat! If you get used to brush his coat daily and comb his coat with intensity once a week, you will have no big problem. Neglect this and it will take you hours to remove the matted hair. You do not really need to treat his coat with care, he is allowed to do everything he wants to do, also in filthy weather ... he is allowed to go for a walk, if he will be dried again - he will be clean again. They are very tough and tireless.

The pictures show you the daily life of the Coton, during their day within the family and also what they look like if we make them ready for show.

Since 1971 this breed is recognised by FCI, and because of this late recognition quiet original. A real small dog with 22-32 cm shoulder height and a weight until 6 kg, white coloured - and attention, please - also their spotted puppys will turn into white. Important is a good pigment, also for their health - their nose should be black-coloured.

We didn`t  hear a lot about hereditary illness, a good breeder will let do a check up of his breeding dogs concerning eye-disease (most important) and their knee joints (PL check up), additional x-ray pictures of the hip (HD).

The Coton de Tuléar is a very suitable dog  for family and he does manage very good with childs.

Heiko Steinmann