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about Us

All our dogs live together with us in the house, so they are easy to get along with each other. If you come here for a visit one day, you will meet all our dogs, not only one or two splendid specimen or your favourite puppy.

We set great store by a social education and surroundings to prepare the "little ones" for live. So we confront the puppies with many new things, unusual sounds like the washingmachine, clattering pots or banging doors, a. s. o.. Paul & Helena

From a child we go by car with our puppies, that the day, when you pick up your puppy, does not become hell for him. If you live in a surrounding with many unusual sounds or noise, so please inform us, we will do our best that the puppy will get used to this (train, tram ...).

The most formative influence is between the 8th and 12th week. So this means a very responsible time for us as breeders, because you´ll get your Coton or "little wolf" in the age of 12 weeks. Important to a dog is the contact to adult dogs in time, that the puppy can learn to contact them by right social behaviour.

Because we have Irish Wolfhounds too, the puppies will get used to them right from the first day of their life.

In Germany there are many dog associations breeding Cotons and Irish Wolfhounds, and nothing is further from my mind than to form my judgement about the quality of their breeding rules. Please inform yourself detailed, what conditions they are expecting, because you don´t  buy a bycicle but a living being you have to bear the responsibility for 10 years and more. To have fun with your dog is inalienable connected with your dogs health.

We are a member of the VDH (biggest dog association in Germany) which is the only German dog association international recognised by FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale - the worldwide association (marked with the FCI or VDH sign on every genealogical table ...).                                                           

Success in showing is not the most important thing to us, if we choose a dog for the breed. More important to us is, that the chosen dogs for a mating will fit together. We pay attention to the look and standard of the parent dogs, their genetical "shadow" (ancestors) and especially that the dogs will be well matched concerning their nature. Of course we show our dogs and we are very happy, if one of our dogs does win a price. A dog which is not tested for breeding suitability with all the necessary health checks, we will not use for the breed.

Of importance to us is, to keep the original type of the races and not to make an "in-dog" of them.

From the purchasers of our puppies we expect a lot of questions concerning the puppies as well as to contact us soon enough, even when your not sure if an Irish Wolfhound or a Coton is the best companion for you. Please contact us by e-mail and we will discuss this together with you   ->

For us it goes without saying, that we will offer you a dog-life-long partnership. Once a year we arrange a meeting of all the dogs and puppies we raised , together with their owners. If you are willing to show your dog one day (would make us happy if you are going to show your dog ...), we will help you with this. To say it in a few words: What ever the problem is concerning our "little ones" - we will do what we can to help you, day or nighttime, we will be there and you will always be a member of Mc Mells dog family.

To the people having interest in this: We offer you the ability to spend a whole day or a weekend together with our dogs, to make you sure, that you´ve chosen the right companion for you (Coton or Irish Wolfhound). We´d love to see you and your dog spending many many lucky years together!

So please, if your not sure or if you have a lot of questions: We ask you kindly to send us an e-mail (please notice: we do not speak English fluently, so please contact us by e-mail. We will reply as soon as possible. Thank you!)

Our kennel name, "Mc Mells", is Gaelic and it means: The garden of Eden!