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12/14/2019 | last update: 07/16/2018 |

Nutrition Tips

Proper nutrition is the foundation for a long and healthy life ....

As you can see we do not make a difference between our Cotons and Irish Wolfhounds - it does not make any difference. Trying to understand what the dogs needs and what his origin is, we should find out first. Or you go on believing what the feed-manufacturing-group tells us, because it is comfortable, clean and hygienic. Yes, and of course it is the best for our animals - as they try to make us believe ...

If we watch his ancestors we see, the dog is a carnivore. He has the clear set of teeth of a carnivore.

He has got a real big stomach with quiet a short intestine. The gastric acid is real sour (value 4-5) therefore he is able to digest flesh and bone, bacteria are no problem for his gut flora.

To form this important gastric acid the dog needs flesh as feed. A malnutrition, for instance only by dried-feed, or industrial made feed in tins, does change the value of the gastric acid. So the dog is not able to digest his natural feed any more and bacteria will have little trouble.

The manufacture of instant feed and especially the heat-up process to get the feed preserved, does destroy a lot of substance. Some ingredients of the instant feed are too concentrated.

That this industrial made feed, if in tins or dried-feed, is a natural nutrition - that is out of the question! By feeding this, the immune system does undermine and this can pave the way for illness. If we go back in time, what is the reason, that the dogs living 30 to 40 years ago have had a better immune system? From this it followed, that they had not to see the vet so often and taken all in all - they got older than our dogs today. One reason is the nutrition - a nutrition by instant feed - "what the dogs need" - is this true?

In my opinion - NO!! Years ago, we changed the nutrition of our dogs, in the way, that we fed them enough fresh (crude) flesh. Even our old dog, he - I grant you - had problems with this change, he was never able to eat fresh bones. This dog became "young" again! He got fresh bones and did not get diarrhoea any more, his whole state of health became better and better, also his "tearing-eye-problem" stopped (afterwards six long years and no medicine worked concerning this problem!). We had no more problems with matted hair at our dogs and we needn´t to go on with cutting the claws of our dogs shorter - by a better health state they run around, move more and they are more active now.

Could you imagine that it is "good" and "healthy" to eat the same food with the same ingredients day by day? Of course - NO!

The stomach will get used to this, necessary bacteria have no more work to do - want be needed any more. Many bacteria do not have only an important "digestive job" - they have also another meaning. The "health-freaks" of stomach and intestine, will be sent to early retirement and undesirable bacteria will have little trouble. We all know the scaring scene: -> we give a piece of flesh or bone the dog to eat and following he does vomit or will get diarrhoea. Following this, is it the right way then, to feed the dog a "real good and expensive dietary food", based on scientifically knowledge? Whose knowledge? The knowledge of the instant-food-group?

Let´s  start with this: Vitamins are very important! Deficiency symptoms and overdosing damages health - we are all in agreement with this today.

A German law provides that on expiration date (sell-by-date -> afterwards 24 months) exact the same ingredients have to be inside the tin or bag of dried feed, we find this printed on the package. But vitamins are perishable, they decay. The rule for every vitamin is: 10 to 18% decay per month. And what is the value of concentration of vitamins in the feed on day of manufacture? This applies also to vitamins with fat-soluble or blood-dilute effect, which are consequently unhealthy (f.i. vitamin K).

Let´s  scrutinise the term "preservative" closely. It is a protected term, defining what has come under and accordingly be given mention. What does not come under this term, does not need to get mentioned. "Free of preservatives" - do you understand?

Animal-by-products: -> some years ago it was allowed to mix chicken shit under animal feed/instant feed ...

For instance: the lie of 4% flesh and 4% ... (what??) ... Is there still flesh to find in dog feed or does it just look like this ... This matter should make us think about. The time has come to walk on new paths!

A well-balanced mix of crude flesh and vegetables is what our dogs need. This mix does guaranty a good development. We shouldn´t feed puppy feed, enriched with nutrients and vitamins to our pupps - it will make them grow to quick. They would not develop well, it could cause bone-disease (deformation), people would ascribe this to the "over-breeding" of the race. Also we do not need "denta(l)-bits" to clean the dogs teeth. By a healthy nutrition tartar wont set in. Aside from this, please watch the teeth your dog is crushing the bone with and then have a look at those teeth showing tartar. The same problem is the grating effect of dried-feed.

It would fill a book to explain how dangerous it is, what we do partly and how easy everything can be ... but still I´m thouroughly convinced, there will be many hopeless ones, believing in traditional things, maybe because of comfort or problems to change the feeding - often detoxication process does set in, months afterwards the change of the feeding.

Person, being unable to feed fresh flesh daily, or people being frightened to find a well balanced feeding, those ones can look out for alternatives. Time in between feed-manufacturing-groups found out about this market, not willing to stuck on traditional things, but to look out for new ways.

Please, contact us, we will help you. All our dogs will raise with a well-balanced feed mix, as well as we feed this to our older dogs.